The groups purpose is to help others.   In January this group will meet to discuss the years upcoming events.  They serve meals for funerals, fund raise for the church, say rosary for deceased members, serve a birthday party at the Nursing Home.

Approximately 300 members

The name of this group was changed in January, 2002 from St. Michael's Ladies Aid to St. Michael's Family Aid.

Current Officers:  Eloise Kettner 935-5724, Carol Buschette 935-5828, Doris Eiynck 473-2589, Deb Kochmann 935-5198

Group 1 Leaders -Kari Schouveiller, Jeanine Houska, Sandra Klinkhammer

Group 2 Leaders - Cynthia Andring, Linda Noll, Pat Specht

Group 3 Leaders - Sandra Kaster, Judy McCollum, Peggy Darco

90 years ago, they had local groups in the country (SW corner, NW; SE; NE).  They would have an ice-cream social etc - and of course, always had to clean the church then too.

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