St. Joseph's Christian Community Group (C.C.G.)

The St. Joseph's Christian Community Group was once known as the St. Joseph's Ladies' Aid.  The name was changed in the fall of 1992 to include the parish family as a whole.  C.C.G. meets one time per month.  There is a chairperson, vice chairperson. secretary and treasurer.  All members of the parish family are invited to the meetings.  

 Current officers are: 

Co-Chair:  Kelly Klinkhammer

Co-Chair: Vickie Anderson

Secretary:  Shelly Benson

Treasurer:  Ann Schoenborn

The mission of the C.C.G. is to decide when different tasks at the church needs to be completed.  These tasks may include activities such as serving at funerals, serving coffee and rolls once a month, cleaning the church, contributing to different needs of the parish such as the fuel collection, and coming together one time a year to host the annual St. Joseph's Church Dinner and Bazaar which is held every year on the third weekend in September.

 The parish family is divided into three groups.  This was changed from four groups in 2004. Another change that occurred in 2004, each group previously served at all the funerals during their four month rotation.  Now, funerals are rotated between all groups no matter whose term it is to serve.

 Duties of the circle groups are:

1.  Each group serves a four month term per year.

2.  They help serve the funeral lunch if requested and furnish bars, jello and/or pickles at all funerals and clean up after.

3.  They serve coffee and rolls/brunch one time per month during their rotation.

4.  They clean the church one time during their rotation and after the church dinner in the fall.

 Current group leaders:

1. Carol Buresh and Gloria Winkler

2. Michelle Benson

3. Karen Houska

 Their most recent task was tiling the kitchen and men's den floor.

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